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Manners, manners, & more manners! How long can your dog stay down?

Nurturing your puppy and providing him with clear boundaries will help him become a stable, confident, and balanced dog.

Boston Police K-9 with head trainer Troy Casey visiting us for a training day.

Expose, expose, expose... good experiences in various environments build confidence and trust in your relationship.

Get Creative and make dog training FUN!

Make learning fun for your pet and you will increase his desire to perform.

Teach your puppy while they're young that  there is a payoff for paying attention!

A huge congratulations to Kate Knowles and Allie for their big win in Philadelphia last weekend with Reserve! Kate has worked hard on her conformation handling skills and Allie has made great progress with her stack and looking pretty.

My birthday message

Are you doing right by YOUR dog?

Read Brigitte's article

Are YOU ready to trial?

Read Brigitte's article

Fox Hill Dog in Training, "Duncan" learning  to stay on his bed with a bone.

Kodiak becoming acquainted with an agility tunnel

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Kuma, a Shiba Inu, is here for basic training and socialization.

It's always exciting to witness the moment a dog grasps a new behavior, but it's even more special when the handler is excited about it too!

Echo von der Nordsee sharing an important dog training message

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Knight von der Nordsee aka Beau, working the retrieve with his toy of choice.

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Tyler, working on maintaining a sit under distraction.

Teaching Boundaries

Fox Hill Dog in Training,Yahtzee, working on attention heeling.

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Largo (GSD rescue from CA) and Perley (pitbull rescue) learning not to act out with aggression in the company of others.

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Jack learning to recall off leash on hikes in the woods.

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Allie working on her show ring skills and learning how to become an estate dog.

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Rambo learning to down on his bed & leave it.

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Bruno learning sit & quiet.

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Roxie, learning to stay in a down under distraction

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Ollie, learning focused heeling

Fox Hill Dog in Training "Bear", a GSD of  CT.

Fox Hill Dog in Training Echo von der Nordsee, a GSD bred here at Fox Hill Farm.

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Logos, an imported Belgian Malinois

Fox Hill Dog in Training, Jack, a Golden Retriever rescue

Fox Hill Dog in Training

Hilde, daughter of World Champion Zambo  vom Riedschlurgi


Brigitte & Andy Deitz

 MA Licensed Trainer/Instructor, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator


Understand behavior. Communicate with clarity. Teach with motivation.

We train ALL BREEDS... with genuine love & trustworthy care

Do you want to communicate clearly & effectively with your dog while building a bonded relationship that will last a lifetime? Creating clear boundaries is essential for the success of any relationship. Our methods are based on the science of behavior and the psychology of learning.



Professional puppy/dog training, management, & care  

Evaluation/consult $50
Private training lesson (half hour) $50
Group training lesson (advanced off leash) $50
Overnight board & train  

Board & Train Information Page

Overnight Board & Train 3 weeks

(minimum initial stay)

(recommended for leash and house manners, impulse control, pulling, barking, jumping, mild reactivity)




Overnight Board & Train 4 weeks

(recommended for moderate reactivity &/or off leash obedience)

Overnight Board & Train 6 weeks + $75/day
Overnight TUNE UP FOR RETURNING STUDENTS Discounted $75/day
Overnight board (charge is per day not/night-drop off day and pick up day charge applied) $40/day
Doggie day school training, socialization, & play $60-$75/day
* Discounted rates available for long term (2+months) training programs

Board & Train Information Page

Pet Dog Training through Advanced K-9 training

Private Lessons - Doggie Day School - Overnight Board & Train

Puppy Basics

Advanced Obedience



Need help restoring harmony in your home?


Need help with aggression or reactivity? Excessive barking? Jumping or Nipping? Off leash obedience? Leash pulling?

Customized behavior modification programs offered, day school/play and overnight training available.


  We are a private horse farm and full amenity K9 facility nestled on the North Shore of  Massachusetts. We have a large grass Schutzhund field, indoor rubber floored training building, large fenced play yard, outdoor agility sand ring, plus 10 acres of wooded trails for hiking & horse back riding, along with our horses, sheep, and free range chickens for optimized distraction training.


Have fun with your dog!

Be your dog's motivation to learn and perform. Take away the food, the toys, and any other training device you use, if even for a day. Does your dog truly enjoy you? Can you, solely you, find ways to motivate your dog? Don't underestimate the value of your relationship and its role in training. It's invaluable.


It's never too soon (or too late) to start training. 7 week old Amelia von der Nordsee learning to track!

Brigitte & Kash Du Triangle Magique competing at the New England Regional Championship and USCA National Championship 2017


Brigitte & Eva Obedience Performance at Nationals 2012



Brigitte & Andy's puppy & dog training videos

Young puppy training- working for food, toy, and praise for reward 7 month puppy training- working for food, toy, praise, and play 12 month puppy training- working for food, toy, praise and play
16 month young adult in obedience competition demonstrating on/off leash obedience  Ulu Brigitte & Grim's last day training before leaving for his new job as Belmont Police Department's new K9
 Snuggie on the suit with Andy Deitz Loki & Brigitte 11 month Malinois x Brigitte training Ulu & Snuggie heeling & retrieves


 Here at Fox Hill Farm, the home of Von der Nordsee German Shepherds, we believe in a solid  temperament suitable for family life, sport, and the work field. Our German Shepherds are bred for health, soundness and versatility. Von der Nordsee shepherds are of the best imported bloodlines who possess beauty and balance through their spirit as well as structure. They all have certified hips and elbows to ensure the best genetics are passed on to future generations.

When I started my involvement in the world of Schutzhund, I was told that success required my dogs to live separately in a kennel environment. While I understood the reasoning, it wasn't the way I wanted to live with my dogs.  I enjoy seeing my dogs run free together on the farm, play in the sand at the beach, sack out on the couch while we watch a movie, sleep at the foot of my bed, and kiss my friends and family who visit.  I made the conscious decision for all of my shepherds to be pets first and Schutzhund dogs second, a choice I have made for myself, my family, and my dogs.

Charlie Brown says it best, "I've decided to devote the rest of my life to making my dog happy".

Our dogs are beloved family members who we have dedicated our life to raising and training. Schutzhund is a sport which rewards the partnership between a person and their dog in three phases: Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. Schutzhund requires an intense level of dedication and commitment to the relationship with your dog. We raise our puppies with positive based training methods and believe that exposure to a multitude of surroundings is of the utmost importance for healthy mental development.

Advanced Training for Schutzhund/IPO, Police K9, PSA, or Personal Protection



2x USCA German Shepherd National Championship

Brigitte & Eva 6x Schutzhund IPO 3

Thank you Betty Lindblom of 5 Dogs Photography!



Andy Deitz


Marc Field

Scotty Franco

Andy, our primary decoy, has over 20 years experience working with animals. Growing up on his parents Arabian breeding farm in Wisconsin, Andy gained invaluable knowledge with regard to behavior and animal management. He went on to pursue a career in genetics and reptile breeding, working full time at NERD. In his spare time, he is dedicated to dog training as a handler/trainer and decoy/helper for training sport, police, and personal protection dogs. Andy is passionate about working dogs and is constantly pushing himself to evolve as a handler, decoy, and trainer. He has competed in Schutzhund, PSA, and French Ring as a handler and has decoyed for the PD1 certifications two years in a row. His strengths include patiently developing young dogs and reading behavior as it pertains to building their drives, as well as rebuilding mature dogs with weak foundation. We are very fortunate to have such a talented, motivated, and hard working person as our decoy. It's next to impossible to find patience, presence, and power...all in one guy, but Andy is all that and more. Thank you Andy for all that you do!

Francis has over 25 years experience training dogs in obedience, protection, and detection. He has been training dogs professionally at the Compatible Canine in Brookline, MA since 1997 and graduated from Mt Ida with an associates degree in canine studies. After graduating, he taught K9 science at Mt. Ida and continued his work as a handler, trainer and helper/decoy at the Compatible Canine. He has been decoying for the police and PD1's for the last ten years. Francis is an extremely gifted and talented handler/trainer and decoy. It's nearly impossible to take your eyes off of him when he's working a dog. He has a supernatural feel, read on behavior, and athleticism that creates a dance between man and dog that is a sight to see. Francis is also the rare combination of  patience, presence, and power in developing young dogs for sport, police, and personal protection as well as building dogs with weak foundation. He strategically applies the science of canine psychology towards developing genetic and drive strengths and weaknesses in the dog. Andy would agree with me, there's no room left for improvement, Francis is amazing. He can truly bring out the best in any dog. He is also a talented teacher who has given many seminars in developing helper/decoys. Thank you Francis for all that you do!


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Andreas Mueller SV

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